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mtonadmin created a new topic ' We are on the way!' in the forum. 10 months ago

To all who come across our website while we build, welcome! The MTON website is the parent to several of websites that I loving refer to as Digital eStates. The MTON website is also the partner to the 'Rust Belt BBS' which is also currently in the design phase. We're looking to have them both completed by mid to late spring of 2019. Our Digital eStates will hosted and homed from Rochester, New York.

So... Why are we building a BBS? After all, this is very old technology... Isn't it? This simple answer is that yes, it is very old technology but were hoping that renewed interest in BBS technology is the beginning of a Retro Renaissance. BBS Operators will now become the Ham Radio operators of the 90s to present day. We're back, we're having fun, and we want to share it with anyone willing to peer inside this time capsule that we call the Bulletin Board System.

There are now many new and old BBSs around the country that are online and available over the internet. Like many of the other BBSs, the Rust Belt BBS will have many local and and FTN message areas, local and InterBBS text based strategy games, and I'm sure a few other things that will be shared in the coming weeks and months.

We're looking forward to to restarting something... in a very good way!