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  • Barren Realms Elite
    Barren Realms Elite An online favorite in the 90s and still relevant to the retro BBS movement today. Many BBSes still hosting the game but who is still playing?

Welcome 2022

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Issue 1/2022

Welcome to the MTO Network blog... join us as we usher in 2022. If you have not joined the site by creating an account, what are you waiting for? I've grown tired and frustrated with social media. Too much scandal, conflict, and hatred when all I want to talk about is techie BBS nerd crap.  Watch this Space!

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Active FTN Networks

Here are a few FTN Networks still in business! Legacy electronic messaging in the 21st Century...

Find out how to join and participate!

  • Fidonet



Fidonet is a PC-based network run by hobbyists. It consists of approximately 2,000 PC-based computer systems world-wide, operated by some 1,000 system operators, which comprise a network that exchanges mail and files via IP and modems using proprietary protocols.

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Do you find it [F]un to learn about and use retro computing technologies? Would you like to be part of a group that enjoy experimenting and developing those technologies further? If the answer is yes, then we invite you to join us!

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Choose between a CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced options or a static splitmenu.Choose between a CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced options, such as inline module positions, or a static splitmenu.

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Micronet was founded as a FTN-only BBS mail network on 1 September 2000 by Sean Dennis. We're happy to be celebrating Micronet's 20th anniversary in 2020. Micronet's co-founder and assistant zone coordinator is Andrew Leary. Micronet's focus has always been to be a small, friendly network that emphasises quality over quanity. We are honored to have nodes all across North America and internationally in Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Australia, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Britain. Of course, there's always more room to grow. We offer FTN, QWK, and NNTP networking feeds internationally.

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What’s DoRENET?

DoRENET is a fido style net for the beginning to advanced sysop.
We are a net that focuses on bbs modifications, coding, ansi/asci etc…

Who can join?
Any established BBS that’s on 24/7. All are welcome to join this net
to learn or share bbs modifications, coding etc.

How do I join?
Call Dreamland BBS, DoRE WHQ, DoRENET HQ and apply for a new account.
All accounts are validated on the first call.

Telnet to bbs.dreamlandbbs.org

Web Page https://www.dreamlandbbs.org

IRC you can find me in #mysticbbs or #demonic as DreamMstr or
ModZilla if im on.

How do I receive
You can access the packet via binkp echo/net email. Looking for
experienced host per state or country.

You can receive DoRENET  BinkP/net email. Call dreamland bbs and fill out the DoRENET MPL application.

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Tech Talk

data Protection.


data Protection
All it takes is one bad day and poor judgement to see all your data go poof. What steps are you taking to ensure your data is safe and protected?

information Security.


information Security
As equally important to protecting your data from loss is your ability to thwart would-be hackers from gaining access to your electronic devices and doing who knows what.

retro Computing.


retro Computing
Technology has come a long way in the past two decades but nostalgia demands that we revisit all those devices that amazed, challenged and brought us joy in the beginning.

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