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BBS Renaissance

M&S Software

In a recent post on the Facebook Group 'BBSsing 2.0', Mike Jordan had the below message to deliver:
Hi there, I guess since I've been given access I should use it for the purpose I signed up for.
I'm the door author of the M&S Software line of doors that I put out between 1989 and 2000. These aren't like the popular hack and slash and shoot em up games, so a lot of people on here may not recognize the name or my doors.

Door Games - Be Creative

Today's BBS landscape, in terms of numbers, is far smaller than it was in the '80s and '90s. The ranks of BBSes might be smaller but the challenge of differentiating one BBS from the other is alive and well. SysOp's need to be on their toes while positioning their BBS as the 'ONE' to call or connect to for the best experience, whether the draw is message networks, ANSI artwork, or online Door Games.

Becoming a SysOp

Growing up during the early 80's I aspired to become a computer programmer. Not because I knew what a computer or computer programmer was entirely but because they were buzz words used by the Air Force as a recruiting lure. I was going to be a US airman and somewhere in the middle of being a service member and government property, I would be working with computers. Turns out, I wouldn't go on to do either of these things but did manage to sign on the dotted line in 1986, joining the US Army where I would spend the next 11 years.

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