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The Arcadian Leg The Arcadian Legends

The Arcadian Legends is a war game designed around empire building. Giving the player control of a variety of aspects of his or her empire, the game allows the player to set his or her priorities and build an empire to their personal liking. The choice must be made between war, trade, diplomacy, expansion, research, and more. There is only a limited time, so players cannot engage in everything they may wish to.

  • Completely inter-BBS capable of allowing you to compete with up to 254 other bulletin board systems.
  • Simple to learn, simple to play.
  • Configurable either by the sysop or league coordinator in inter-BBS play.
  • Much more!

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 212KB RAM, and 1.2MB disk space. Bulletin board system software and modem recommended for multi-player play.

Purchase License

Contact John Daily at contact@johndaileysoftware.com for registration details.
Delivery of personalized registration code via e-mail.

The Arcadian Legends - Single User License $15.00 US
Elite Bundle - Single User License $40.00 US (Includes: BRE, Falcon's Eye, Falcon's Honor, and The Arcadian Legends)

Created 2022-01-14
Changed 2022-01-14
Version v1.03
Size 242.55 KB
(0 votes)
Created by KnightMare
Changed by mtonadmin
Downloads 52
License Commercial license
Price $15.00

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