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Status Update: Aug 2020

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #19 by KnightMare
Status Update: Aug 2020 was created by KnightMare
Well... That didn't go exactly as planned. Many more weeks have passed and I still have a BBS that is not prime-time... meaning it still has some gaping holes that need to be filled. So... to date, there have been no BBS ads released, no fanfare, no parade... Not that anyone is watching or listening.

First and foremost, this is a hobby that I've chosen to pick up again and take my time with... clearly! Then a pandemic strikes! HTF do you plan for a pandemic? I could have lived a life without the experience but now that it is here, there is nothing left to do but overcome and adapt until the virus is eradicated.

Everything is a little upside down right now. Work has gotten a little tougher with much of our Disney workforce on furlough. This combined with the stress of it all, I've stepped back from the computer and BBS for a bit to collect my thoughts and figure out what's next... The BBS planning and building will continue; just at a slower pace than originally predicted.

I'm also knee-deep in a garage renovation this summer. As I'm preparing to retire in a few years, I thought I'd build a work shop / video studio and start a Youtube channel... More to follow on this idea!



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